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6 situations when custom software is what your business needs

The useful article that will help you make sure that "ordering custom software development" is the best solution for your business.

6 situations when custom software is what your business needs

The useful article that will help you make sure that "ordering custom software development" is the best solution for your business.
When we start working with a new client, we always ask why the client wants exactly the custom software.
This helps, in the first place, to understand the main problem that the client wants to solve. And secondly, it allows us to work out the best solution for the client's situation.

And while we work, these reasons for customer calls were formed into a list of "6 situations when your business needs custom software".
If your company just chooses "to buy standard software or order custom software development", this article will be useful for you.

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So, in what situations is it worth ordering
custom software development?

"We are a startup. We want to develop software from scratch"
Often startups have a great idea, investment and need good developers. To build your innovative business on a standard solution doesn't make sense in this situation.
Indeed, it is often the goal of a startup that is exactly what the new user-friendly software market offers.

That is why startups either themselves have strong developers or trust the development of custom software to a team of experienced developers who will create software that fully meets the requirements of a startup.
"We have high industry standards for data security and privacy"
Now there are more and more industries that use personal and confidential information about users. For example, finance and insurance, e-commerce or healthcare.

Imagine if such information falls into the wrong hands. This can cause irreparable harm to your customers and your business.
Standard software often becomes a hacker target, which compromises the security of your users' data.

That is why custom software will help you ensure the security and confidentiality of data that the industry requires or that your customers expect.
"We have a limited budget"
Often, standard software is more expensive than custom software.
Usually, companies pay a standard subscription or license fee per user for standard software. And the more users in your company or the more advanced features you need, the more expensive it is to use standard software. In this case, it isn't uncommon for you to pay for even those functions that you don't use in a standard package.

That is why custom software development is often cheaper, especially for companies that are set to expand and grow.
"Standard software doesn't satisfy all our needs"
Standard software tends to reach as many customers as possible. And often it doesn't contain any narrowly focused industry functions. The more unique needs your company has, the more restrictions you will have on standard software and the need for additional payments.

A specific set of tables, databases, reports, documents, and invoices - all of this functionality can be contained in one place by your custom software.

This will speed up your work and allow you to focus on the development and expansion of the business.
"The applications we use are poorly integrated with each other"
With the growing needs of the company, the number of standard software used is also growing. And unfortunately, most of this software is not integrated with each other. This leads to the need to duplicate information, enter data manually.

This reduces productivity and increases the time spent on working with software.

That is why companies often choose custom software to optimize work and reduce time for processing and analyzing data.
"We don't want to depend on the changes and decisions of the standard software developers"
When you use standard software, you cannot be 100% sure that the development company will not increase prices, or change the direction of work or reduce some functions important to you. There is always the risk that standard software will stop servicing or close the business.

Such changes can lead to higher costs, the search and implementation of new software and even the loss of users.

Therefore, companies that have already encountered such inconvenient changes in the use of standard software, increasingly order custom software development.
If you find yourself in at least one situation, the custom software is the best solution for your business.

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