How we work on each project

Norsoftware solves business challenges of many different-sized companies: from fast-growing startups to enterprise-level companies. And each project starts with 8-step process

How we work at each stage

As you understand, the stages of software development are almost the same: what we have, what other companies have. Therefore, let us explain what special approach we use at each stage.
And you will see why we are the only ones you need
Convenient briefing
You do not need to spend a few hours filling out a long brief, as is often the case. Instead, we make a detailed brief ourselves based on a conversation with you.

We care about your convenience and time, so the first interview is conducted personally in the office or via Skype.
We take into account all aspects of development and clarify information on the goals, objectives and options of software.

In the end, "convenient brief":
helps clarify all the details of your request;
saves your time;
allows us to meet in person.
Estimation at price like "First Price"
Our technically competent team analyzes all details of your list of features and "User stories". Yes, each project is unique.

Therefore, we not only use the accumulated experience of past projects but also estimate elements of your project using the method "Planning Poker". This is a useful technique that ensures quick, reliable results based on expert opinion and analogous sizing.

Thanks to this method, we more often than others achieve an estimation of the project close to the actual one. And that's why we can offer you a fair price like "First price".

In the end, "fair estimation" is:
a low and fair price like "First Price";
more accurate results;
team experience and objective estimation method.
Clear proposal presentation & contracting
Unlike some IT-companies that just send you a file with the estimation, we definitely present you with the estimation results, deadlines and options for implementing your project.
We answer the questions, explain the difficult moments.
We describe the contradictions and pitfalls.

We do this so that you feel comfortable and see that we are already solving your business challenge together right now.

In the end, "clear proposal presentation" is:
detailed explanation and answering all questions;
comfortable discussion of organizational issues;
meeting to express all your wishes on the project.
Detailed Business Analysis & Prototyping
Our team has strong and experienced business analysts. Therefore, you can order business analysis as a separate, independent service, even if you don't order our development.

At this stage, we analyze in detail all project features, determine the sequence of work, add or remove some elements you wish, prepare a concept and software design.

To prioritize tasks, we use the MoSCow analysis - it helps to identify what is really necessary to make the product viable and what is a nice to have.
Also, we offer a "secret step 4+" for startups.

In the end, with "detailed business analysis":
easy to control development step by step;
all project details are taken into account;
avoid unnecessary costs and save money.
Useful consultation for startups
We have a secret step for startups.
Having ordered the software development from us, you also receive advice on how to get a grant or funding for your project.

We tell you what contests and organizations are, how best to fill out an application, how to prepare for a meeting with investors.

With us you will not only develop software but also be able to get a grant for your startup.

In the end, "useful consultation":
it's free consultation from experts;
allows you to win a grant;
helps to find investors.
Clever programming and testing
At this stage our team of experienced developers, designers and testers work on your project with passion.
With flexible methods of project management, every 1-2 weeks we have a meeting with you, where you can see the progress of the tasks. Such meetings allow us to quickly respond to your wishes or a change in the priority of tasks.

The work is structured in such a way that you learn to work with software during development - and by the end of the project you will know your product perfectly.

In the end, "clever programming" is:
transparent work and weekly reporting meetings;
testing and learning during the development;
balancing quality and efficiency.
Safe implementation & documentation
After testing, we release your software to the word. It's done step-by-step with an implementation plan - to ensure a smooth roll out.

After software implementation, we stay in touch with you in case something isn't working as you expected or you need additional support. We make sure you are successful using the software we created with you.
Our experts write detailed documentation to explain how to install, configure and use the software.

In the end, "safe implementation" is:
great software delivered on time and on budget;
detailed and full documentation;
support and successful using.
Caring support and training
Yes, we just solved your business challenge together and created great software!
But we still have something to offer you.

We can provide training and help guides so your users can take full advantage of your new software.
We can provide technical support in several forms to keep your software functioning and to respond to reported issues.
We can start a new development journey and create one more great solution.

In the end, "caring support" is:
full help from skilled developers;
solving problems that go beyond usual development;
confidence that everything is under control.
Reliable Partnership
Business isn't only about money. Do you agree with this?
It's also about the partnership, common projects and sharing new ideas and trends to growth.

That's why we want to be a reliable partner for you.
We can discuss a new idea or can offer optimization and expansion proposal.

Together we can develop one more amazing product or organize IT-conference, or even create useful community for such passionate businesses like us.

In the end, "reliable partnership" is:
focused on common great goals;
trustful relationship;
conquering new business peaks together.

Let's solve your business challenge together

And start your next project or test a startup idea.
It's very easy with us. Let's create something great!
Just drop us a line to know us better, to schedule a meeting or to go for a coffee =)
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